"James is one of those rare finds, a kind, knowledgeable practitioner whom supports you to better support yourself with insight and wisdom. I always left James feeling nourished and more aligned in my mind body and spirit. An exceptional practitioner on multiple levels." G R (Fertility Support)

“My Deep Restorative Bodywork treatment with James was like hitting a much needed pause button. I’m always on the go and find it quite hard to completely relax even when I do stop. But this sensation was pure bliss and I really felt every part of me shed any tension. The only problem is I now want to fit this in every week! ”

L Evans (Deep Restorative Bodywork)

“After the first session I began to feel more relaxed and not quite as exhausted, which, with 2 small children and a pending house move, was quite an achievement. After a course of 6 sessions I was sleeping much more soundly and began to feel back to my old self. James has a great easy manner and is very easy to talk to and I would highly recommend him.”

C. Bristow (Insomnia / Sleep Health)

“Within a day or two of each acupuncture session I was almost able to continue on with life as normal, I had renewed energy and the pain was dramatically reduced, the hardest problem was trying not to overdo it as I felt so good. I would highly recommend this to anyone it was the only thing that worked for me.”

K. Lockhart (Pubic Symphysis Disorder)

“When I went to see James for Deep Qi Restorative Bodywork, I was feeling really ‘out of sorts’.  The treatment was amazing and turned out to be just what I’d needed.  It left me feeling balanced with a profound sense of calm – far deeper than I expected considering the length of treatment.  The fully rested feeling I had from my nervous system re-balancing, stayed with me all day and happily, spilled over into my week.  The treatment itself is very soothing and totally non-invasive (all done fully clothed, I was super comfortable the whole time).  The gentle rocking movements on the body (moving the Qi around my body) allowed my muscles to fully let go and more importantly, once the movement ceased, reminded me how it feels to find true deep stillness.  As a yoga teacher I work a lot with a wide range of relaxation tools (restorative yoga, meditation etc.) and am thrilled to add Deep Qi Bodywork to the ‘feel-good’ portfolio!"

M Murphy (Deep Qi Restorative Bodywork)

“James came to my rescue one evening a week after my due date for my first baby and sensitively and painlessly worked his magic. He was very good at explaining exactly what he was doing, which was extremely reassuring and also fascinating.”

J Holland (Induction Support)

“The initial consultation was thorough and James’s easy, yet professional manner put me at my ease”

F. Miles (Runner's Knee)

“I was delighted with the treatments with James and also with the emotional support that he offered. I would highly recommend acupuncture with James to anyone for their health and well-being”

K Spicer (Fertility Support)

“Deep Qi Restorative Bodywork was an amazingly relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. James used very light touch and manipulation techniques – almost like an internal massage – that left me feeling relaxed and de-stressed. The treatment started at my centre (tummy) and moved through the sides of my body, ending on my back and head. I left the treatment room feeling a stone lighter, with my shoulders relaxed and my head light. Not only did the treatment restore the balance within my body but also within my mind. Within a couple of hours of the treatment I had finally got my head around finishing a piece of work that I had been putting off for a while – hugely beneficial for body, mind and soul!”

R Clarke (Deep Qi Restorative Bodywork)

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