Read our FAQs before registering

Is this like a normal appointment?

No. These sessions do not replace normal appointments. They are like ‘mini-treatments’ that work on a specific area each week e.g. feet, ankles, shoulder, abdomen. If you have an ongoing health issue that requires in depth treatment we would advise you to book in for a full initial consultation.

‘Lab’ sounds a bit like ‘experiment’? Am I a guinea pig?

No. You are treated with the same care as all of our patients. In fact, if we hadn’t told you we were practicing something you wouldn’t even notice.

All practitioners have been fully trained in the use of these skills and techniques. We use them in our normal clinic everyday, but working with ACULAB patients gives us a chance to practice them on many people at once to continually improve our effectiveness.

Can I book in more than once?

Yes. You are welcome to book for a maximum of 2 sessions per month. Due to high demand we tend to prioritise anyone on low income, students, elderly and those who would not normally have access to this treatment.

Who are ‘visiting students’?

We take student observers and hand-picked graduates from Chinese Medicine colleges from across the UK. We are committed to helping students to learn about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in our clinic to support their clinical knowledge and to develop the next generation of excellent practitioners.


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