Spring Retreat Day - Now Full

Nourishing Life #9 - Spring Retreat Day

Following the success of the last Winter Retreat Day, I am going to be hosting a Spring Retreat Day in Oxford on Sunday 8th April 10.00-16.00.

The retreat will cover basic Qi Gong exercises, walking meditation, a walk in nature, lunch and a Chinese tea ceremony with seasonal teas. 

It will be a good occasion to discover the restorative power of traditional Chinese health and longevity practices, tune into the Spring season and enjoy the company of new friends.

The retreat day will be relaxed, friendly and is open to all. No previous experience or knowledge is required. 

Port Meadow in Spring

Port Meadow in Spring

Teachers & Topics

I will be leading the retreat and will be be joined by my good friend Mark Pogson. Mark is a very down to earth, approachable teacher who has practised Tai Qi and Qi Gong for over 20 years. He has an easy to follow, accessible teaching style which he will use to teach a basic set of Qi Gong exercises in the morning.

Mark teaching at Wood Festival, Oxfordshire

Mark teaching at Wood Festival, Oxfordshire

After some Qi Gong we will share some time for walking meditation, followed by an optional walk along the river or across the beautiful Port Meadow before enjoying lunch together.

After lunch and a rest, we will come together for a Chinese tea session. In the tea session we will drink fine, rare Chinese teas, learn about the tea ceremony and the health benefits of teas.

Along with tea appreciation, it is also the perfect, quiet occasion to discuss health, philosophy, culture, meditation, Chinese medicine - whatever comes to mind. Strangers will leave as friends.

Freshly picked Green Tea from Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi Province

Freshly picked Green Tea from Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi Province

Retreat Schedule - Sunday 8th April

  • Morning Qi Gong Session - led by Mark Pogson
  • Walking Meditation & Nature Walk on Port Meadow
  • Lunch & Rest Period
  • Chinese Tea Session - led by James Thirlwall

Venue Information

The Yoga Barn, 185 Godstow Rd, Wolvercote , Oxford OX2 8PG

Our venue is a beautiful converted barn on the edge of Port Meadow in Wolvercote Village. This tranquil, historic place feels a million miles from Oxford - despite being on the edge of the city.

Fee & Booking

£50 per person. Places are limited to 10 people.

To book or to find out more, please contact James Thirlwall at info@oxfordacupunctureclinic.com

About Qi Gong

Qi Gong can be seen in every public park, every morning across China 

Qi Gong can be seen in every public park, every morning across China 

Qigong (also known as Chi Kung) means the cultivation of energy. It is a gentle form of Chinese health exercise which emphasises softness, natural movement and the release of tension to improve health and vitality. Qigong is considered a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is sometimes described as the “Grandmother of Tai Chi”.

Qigong promotes relaxation and wellbeing by connecting with and increasing internal healing energy.  It is based on combining flowing movement with deep breathing and focusing the mind. It can also include visualisations, standing meditation, and self-massage techniques (Do-In).

Practicing Qigong leads to:  

  • Better posture, flexibility, co-ordination and balance     
  • Improved circulation and breathing
  • A calmer mind and better concentration
  • Reduced stress levels
  • An increased sense of aliveness and wellbeing
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