Qi Gong Classes in Oxford

Learn Qi Gong in Oxford with James Thirlwall

I teach Qi Gong classes in Oxford. Anyone is welcome to attend. No experience necessary. 

Classes are at two central/east Oxford yoga studios. You can pay for a drop-in class, or buy a class pass for my classes which also can be used for other classes at the studio - yoga, pilates, meditation etc.

Mondays 10.30am-11.30am at Yoga Quota (Central Oxford)

Drop in £10 / Class Pass from £8.75 per class. Book via Yoga Quota website.

Fridays 15.00-16.00 at Every Body Studio (St.Clements, Oxford)

Drop in £10 / Class Pass from £11.00 per class. Book via Every Body website

What I teach? Daoyin & Internal Cultivation in Oxford

I teach very accesible 'internal cultivation' practices, also known as daoyin, from the Chinese medical tradition of Yin Style Bagua. I have studies and practised these techniques through the Association for Traditional Studies which preserves, documents and disseminates knowledge from classical Chinese medicine doctors and scholars.

In each class I teach a combination of breathwork, standing meditation, Qi storing, building and sensitivity practices and other daoyin for developing deep health and body awareness.

Other practices can include patting, channel regulation and some guided meditation techniques.

The practices form a series of methods for ‘healing without medicines’ that can help you cultivate harmony within and without.

The methods are simple to follow, accessible and easy to continue at home if you are seeking to establish a self-practice.

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If you would like to know more about the class content or have any questions please contact James using the form below. I aim to respond to class enquiries within 24 hours.

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