A Helping Hand with Treatment Costs

If you are a long term patient or regularly use acupuncture for general wellbeing here are two ways in which you can get reimbursement for treatment costs. Many patients at the clinic have benefited from these over the years. It's always nice to have a helping hand if it works for you.

Simply Health Cash Plan - £200 Cashback on Acupuncture

If - like 88% of the UK population - you don't have private health insurance, but are someone who regularly has acupuncture it may be worth considering a Cash Plan from Simply Health. It is well worth it if you are pro-active about your health.

The plan allows you to pay a fee from £11.88 per month which covers you for reimbursement - 'cashback' - for a number of health related expenses. It also covers children free of charge.

Depending on the level of the plan you can claim up to £200 for acupuncture, with combined benefits of up to £1500 for osteopathy, dentistry, opticians, chiropody, physio and diagnostic consultations.

Many patients at the clinic use it,  I use it personally and as yet have found no issue with getting reimbursed quickly. Often the treatment fee is paid into your account the day after you claim. Please note - I have no connection with Simply Health. I just think it's a scheme worth passing on.

Arthritis Action Membership - £60 Treatment Vouchers for Arthritis Patients

I am an Associate Practitioner with the charity Arthritis Action (AA).

AA are a leading UK charity who fund arthritis research and support members with advice, information and funded services.

Members are entitled to £60 per year towards the cost of acupuncture and other physical therapy treatments - osteopathy, physio and chiropractic.

Membership has a host of other benefits and costs around £15 per year.

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