Autumn Clinic Changes

Important Clinic Changes at The Oxford Acupuncture Clinic - Autumn 2017

This post details important changes at the clinic as a result of new ownership of our practice premises in November 2017.

If you are a regular patient at the clinic please read this information as it relates to booking, fees, appointments and reception hours.

Clinic Name

The new clinic has opened under the name ‘The Iffley Clinic’ and is owned by a team of practising Osteopaths. It will be offering Osteopathy, Counselling, Massage and Acupuncture. The decor and feel is lighter, fresher and more ‘clinical’. Staff are friendly, upbeat and efficient

To avoid confusion …. my practice name remains The Oxford Acupuncture Clinic which operates out of The Iffley Clinic.

Change of Rooms

The clinic rooms have been reassigned which means I am no longer using Room 4 - my usual home for the last 10 years with the lovely skylight.

I am now practising in two different rooms - Room 3 upstairs at the back of the building and Room 2 on the ground floor.

New Reception Team

There is now a a full time reception team Monday - Saturday from 9am-7.30pm.  Cindy, Anna and Suki are helpful, professional and very efficient.

They now hold and manage my diary so for scheduling and changing appointments you will need to contact them: 01865 251233  /

I’m pleased we have a full time reception team. It allows me to focus all of my time on helping you and means 100% of your appointment time is for your treatment rather than given over to any admin.

Online Booking Closure

Unfortunately, the new clinic system and my online booking system won’t talk to each other. Having live online booking via my website and and live booking at the clinic will lead to pandemonium (what a great word). booking will be shutdown for now. The machines are coming...but the humans are fighting back.

New Appointment Options

The way the clinic now charges me for room hire  means I can offer a wider choice of appointment lengths and fees. From now on the options will be:

30 minutes - £40.00

45 minutes - £50.00

60 minutes - £60.00 (New Patient or Double Appointment)

I will always suggest the best appointment length for you based on your clinical need. As a rough guide, if you are having regular treatment for an ongoing issue or for general health then a 30 minute appointment should be fine.

If you haven’t been to see me for a while; have something new to treat, have an acute issue or prefer a longer appointment to relax - I suggest coming for 45 minutes.

Card Charges

No-one likes this one … but after 4 years of free card payments I have decided to introduce a card transaction fee of £0.75. I make no money out of this fee. It all goes to the card company to pay for their next holiday. Cash, Cheque and BACS transfers are of course free of charge.

Your next appointment

If you would like to book a new appointment or change your existing appointment please email me or try out the new system by calling 01865 251 233.


If there is anything you are unsure about, or would like to discuss with me just drop me a line at

With gratitude,


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