Rachel James - Oxford

Rachel James teaches in Oxford & Eynsham

Rachel James teaches in Oxford & Eynsham

Rachel James

Yoga Teacher - Oxford

Rachel trained in Hatha Yoga and has gone on to develop her own style of practice that encourages the development of strength alongside flexibility.

Her teaching aims to help you understand the benefits of each and every aspect of posture, meditation and breathing. Her classes are accessible and with options for all abilities.

Rachel is also the current representative of the British Wheel of Yoga here in Oxfordshire.

Learn more about her teaching, get advice if you're a beginner and read Rachel's thoughts on the ACUYOGA Programme >

Can you share some thoughts on your experience of the ACUYOGA Programme?

I thoroughly enjoyed James's treatment of an old injury in my painful shoulder. He was very intuitive and spot on in pinpointing the areas that needed attention. His explanation of what to expect is very clear and reassuring. He has a passion for acupuncture that exudes from him, and inspires confidence.

How would you describe the style of yoga you teach?

I trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher. I have developed my own style based on the things that benefit me and the things that I think are important to pass on. Strength is as important as flexibility. I like any practices that enable us to maintain a long healthy life. I include longevity practices like upper body strengthening. Yoga is also an experience. I hope that people feel better after the class than when they started.

What advice would you give to someone starting yoga?

It is a misconception to think that Yoga is easy. I would commit to at least 3 sessions with different teachers to help give you an idea of the different styles and also the similarities between styles. This will help you decide what you want. Feel free to stop and watch the teacher or other students if you are not sure what you are doing.

Mix ability classes are difficult to join in with. The teacher will try to help you but also has to focus on everyone else at the same time. Try to find a beginners class. Don't give yourself a hard time if you find your body is quite stiff. This is one of the reasons to practice and you will notice changes quickly if you stick with it. Then that plateaus. 

What do you love most about practicing yoga?

I love the challenge. There is always further to go, more to learn, experience and explore. It is a never ending journey of transformation. 

How might a student describe you as a teacher?

Some would say that I give clear explanations of the benefits of what and why we are doing a posture, a breath, a meditation etc. They may say that I vary the sessions so that no class is repeated. I have a staged approach so that all levels can benefit in a mixed ability group. Advanced students get to play with what they can do. My regular students are addicted to the relaxation practice.

When, where and how much are your classes?

Monday 9.45 - 11.15 NOA Summertown £7.50
Tuesday 6.30 - 8.00 Wild Honey Cowley £10 / £12
Wednesday 9.15 - 10.40 Eynsham Hall North Leigh  £5
Wednesday 6.30 - 8.00 St Albans Hall Cowley £10
Thursday Beginners 6.15 - 7.45 Clinic 95 Botley £10



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