Hazel Faithful - Oxford

Hazel Faithful

Yoga Teacher - Oxford

Hazel's approach to teaching is inclusive, welcoming and gentle. She has a background in Hatha Yoga which she uses to create sequences that are accessible and adaptable for students of all ability and experience.

Her manner is encouraging, thoughtful and confidence-inspiring, which shows in her students who have been practicing with her for many years.

Find out about Hazel's classes, advice for beginners and her experience of the ACUYOGA Programme >

Can you share some thoughts on your experience of the ACUYOGA Programme?

ACUYOGA was a subtle yet profound experience and definitely eased the tightness and discomfort from areas of long term niggles or restricted mobility. Coming with a little trepidation about needles James was able to gently introduce me to acupuncture and to open up discussion about positive change.

How would you describe the style of yoga you teach?

Hatha yoga with attention to the breath. Mixed ability classes with harder and easier options given and modification if needed. Varied each week with pranayama, relaxation and stillness.

What advice would you give to someone starting yoga?

Start gently and let the teacher know if you don’t understand. You usually ask the question everyone else is thinking!

What do you love most about practicing yoga?

It helps me feel ‘whole’ and balanced, the calmness gained having worked hard and the breath body and mind (& for me spiritual) balance together.

How might a student describe you as a teacher?

Encouraging and thoughtful.

When, where and how much are your classes?

I teach in Botley, Cumnor, Headington and Wheatley.  Classes follow school terms and cheaper as blocks e.g. 6 weeks mornings @ £54 and evenings £60.


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