A Chinese Medicine Cure-All - How to make Pu-Er Tea

My good friend and tea expert - Ming Ming Poon - lives in Scotland and keeps her heating off in winter - she just drinks Pu-Er tea to keep warm!

I recommend it for improved digestion, circulation and as a digestive after fatty foods.

Pu-er tea is a Chinese tea that can be sold loose but usually is pressed into flat discs, nests or bricks . It is delicious and renowned in China as a great digestive aid and cure all.

It has a distinctive smell - quite earthy, musky and fermented - but it’s taste is very rich, moreish and warming for the body.

Where to buy

You can pick it up from speciality tea shops online. Look for SHOU or COOKED Pu-Er rather than Sheng or 'Raw' Pu-erh. I recommend Canton Tea - you can get a 10% discount by using the code 'CHAYOU'

You will need:

Freshly boiled water

2 cups or mugs the same size and a tea strainer.

One cup - cup A - for brewing the tea, the second cup - cup B - for drinking the tea.


1. First you need to wash the tea.Boil the kettle and allow it to rest while you break off a piece of Puerh (about 5g) and add it to cup A. Pour on the water and then immediately strain it off into cup B. Return any leaves caught in the strainer to cup A and repeat the process. This helps to wash the tea leaves twice and to moisten them for brewing.

2. Now to brew.

Pour water onto the tea leaves - filling cup A. Leave to brew for 1-2 minutes. Then strain the tea into cup B making sure that only leaves are left in cup A. All the liquid should be in cup B.Put cup A to one side and enjoy your delicious tea from cup B.

You can use the same tea leaves left in cup A from 5-10 times. When the flavour has gone throw away the leaves and start again.

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