Causes and Triggers for Back Pain

The cause and triggers for back pain are often confused and there is a vital distinction to be made.

Causes are the underlying conditions which create a weakness in the back. Triggers are often the last thing we did which finally makes our back give way. The following will often trigger pain:

  • Bending awkwardly

  • Lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling a heavy object

  • Slouching in a chair

  • Twisting awkwardly

  • Over-stretching for something

  • Driving in a hunched position or driving for long periods without taking a break

  • Overusing the affected muscles - for example, during sport or repetitive movements

However, the cause of back pain can be very different. Back pain rarely occurs without some weakening of the back first. This is why we also focus our diagnosis and treatment plan to identify and remedy the cause of your back pain as well as your symptoms.

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