What does the ACUYOGA Programme involve?

The programme changes according to the individual needs of each yoga practitioner but the fundamental structure is as follows:

Session 1:

Initial Assessment: Chinese Medicine Diagnosis + Ah-Shi Diagnosis + Asana Observation

Sessions 2-5:

Tangible Acupuncture & Bodywork Treatment

Focussed and Hands-On Sessions

The programme comprises a set of five focussed sessions aimed at diagnosing then resolving your injury, pain or restriction of movement in a targeted way.

All sessions are hands-on which means that you will receive continual treatment with acupuncture and bodywork for the entire duration of each session (this differs from some styles of acupuncture where you may be left alone for a period with needles in place).

Sessions are planned and scheduled to ensure that you receive treatment at the most effective time to ensure the maximum benefit.

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

A full Chinese Medicine diagnosis will be carried out to understand any underlying factors that may be influencing your specific symptoms and general health.

Ah-Shi Diagnosis

Ah-Shi acupuncture points are identified and mapped across the body - these points are unexpectedly tender to the touch and can indicate underlying pain or dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system.

Asana (Posture) Observation

An observation of the asana (postures) that trigger, worsen or highlight the presence of your injury will be used during diagnosis and to assess changes throughout treatment.

Tangible Acupuncture and Bodywork Treatment

Tangible Acupuncture and Bodywork are used to stimulate distinct sensations of warmth, cooling, throbbing, pulsing, spreading, bloodflow, gathering or dispersing - all of which have specific therapeutic benefits.

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