What is the ACUYOGA programme?

The ACUYOGA programme has been created for yoga practitioners in collaboration with experienced yoga teachers to provide effective, evidence-based and tangible acupuncture treatment for persistent injuries, restriction of movement and pain.

The programme is continually evolving through participant feedback, ongoing research and case studies.

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Tangible Acupuncture & Yoga - Uniquely Compatible

The concept of the ACUYOGA programme is based on the combination of two compatible ways of working with the body - Yoga and Tangible Acupuncture.

Yoga centres around exploring the tangible sensations that arise when we practice asana (yoga postures) and it is through bringing our awareness to this feedback from our bodies that we begin to understand more about the state and health of our body, mind and emotions.

Tangible Acupuncture is a way of using acupuncture that aims to elicit clear, predictable and repeatable sensations within the body in order to affect a lasting therapeutic benefit. There are eight common sensations created by this technique - all with different applications for the treatment of injury, pain or dysfunction.

Used together, Yoga and Tangible Acupuncture are highly compatible because they create, are informed by and work with the tangible sensations that occur within the body moment to moment.

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