Is ACUYOGA Programme suitable for me?

The programme is suitable for you if you practice yoga regularly and are experiencing any of the following:

  • Recurring pain in a specific area
  • Recurring pain brought on by specific posture(s)
  • Limited range of movement in specific posture(s)
  • Restricted movement due to recent injury
  • Restricted movement due to previous injury

I have pain when I practice - is it suitable for me?


Nearly all yoga teachers I have spoken to about this subject agree that strong sensations and restriction of movement during yoga can be very helpful to the development of our practice.

Feeling our physical limitations on the yoga mat can bring us face to face with challenging thoughts and emotions which shed light our own unique body-mind relationship.

However, the same yoga teachers also agreed that a healthy strong sensation is not the same as pain. Pain from sore muscles or from unfamiliar movements is natural and expected from demanding practice.  On the other hand, pain or restriction of movement which occurs repeatedly or continuously in the same spot may take many years to resolve through regular yoga practice alone.

The ACUYOGA Programme is specifically designed to help you overcome precisely this type of pain and restriction of movement, so that you can continue to progress in your practice with less pain and greater freedom of movement.

I have an injury - is it suitable for me?


Recent or ongoing injuries to our muscles and joints present us with a challenge if we practice yoga regularly. We may have to stop practicing for a while or we may choose to continue our practice using modifications to postures. Yoga is an excellent form of rehabilitation and many injuries will resolve through time spent on our mat.

Depending on the type of injury we may also look at other ways to support and hasten our recovery. Acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and cranio-sacral therapy are all excellent therapies which can be explored.

Yet - among these options acupuncture is uniquely suited to treating highly specific muscle and joint injuries because it is the only therapy that can go directly inside the body to reach and heal the exact site of the injury.

This level of specificity is key to the success of the ACUYOGA Programme as it is designed around the use of Tangible Acupuncture which creates distinct sensations of warmth, cooling, throbbing, pulsing, spreading, bloodflow, gathering or dispersing - all of which have specific therapeutic benefits.

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